The University of Kentucky Seizes Second

Day 2


By: Cody Levy

Starting Day 2 as the Collegiate Bass Fishing Open leaders, the University of Kentucky one boat team of Ryan Collins and Hunter Fulcher packed on their rain gear and prepared to battle the conditions to bring in six big largemouth bass to the scales. The team did just that and brought in 17.43lbs on Day 2, giving them a total of 36.90lbs.

The team’s main pattern was flipping laydowns in main sloughs and creeks with Texas rigs following up their bite with a shad patterned rattle trap.

“The rainstorm was expected, the water muddied up, and the lack of sun didn’t help our flippin’ bite at all,” said Collins.

“The rain did everything it could to kill our spirits, along with having only one fish for a majority of the day, but we kept at it, and are very pleased with the overall result,” added Fulcher.

The University of Kentucky duo came prepared to the event, despite the conditions, and battled an additional factor that only few teams experienced. The team was a one boat, two angler team rather than the three or four angler teams that were so prevalent throughout many schools which is what makes the Open such a diverse tournament format.

“We are extremely happy with our finish since we were a one boat team,” stated Collins. “We had two lines in the water compared to four that many other teams had. We essentially had to put ourselves on forty-five pounds of fish to win and we put ourselves on thirty-seven pounds and I’m very happy with that.”


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